Even If I Sneeze Different, Adesua Will Sense It And Ask What’s Wrong – Actress Jemima Osunde Gushes About Her BFF Adesua Etomi

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Actress Jemima Osunde has taken to social media to gush about her BFF and actress Adesua Etomi, who she says can sense when she’s not okay even if she’s not at the scene.

Osunde who shared an insight on her friendship with Adesua and others in tweets she shared, told her followers not to get too comfortable with always being the receiver in a relationship/friendship.c She urged them to focus on the other person, especially when it’s someone that’s always perceived as “strong”. Read her tweets below….

Even if I sneeze different, Adesua will sense it and ask what’s wrong with me . A hawk!!! Lmao! The day I had my emergency surgery, this babe wasn’t even in the country and she just knewwww something was wrong with me. She video called me immediately. I was there holding the phone to my nose to hide my hospital gown .

She caught me red handed! Amaka moved her flight and flew to Nigeria because I needed someone to go somewhere with me. Don’t allow yourself get too comfortable with always being the receiver in a relationship/friendship. It shouldn’t always be about you. Sometimes, focus on the other person. Especially when it’s someone that’s always perceived as “strong”. They deal with things too I promise.

And no! It’s not selfish to expect your closest friends to know when something’s not right with you. Those are the people that are supposed to know you the most! Deeply and truly! And vice Versa It’s not that hard to be dedicated to a person truly. Friendship or relationship. I pray you find the right people to hold your hands through all the good and not so good things that come with life. It’s truly the best thing

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