136 Dead, Including 13 Children, In Russian Invasion Of Ukraine So Far

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Ukraine’s interior minister has reported 352 civilians dead and over 1,600 injured this past Sunday, a mere four days after the invasion began. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Liz Throssell said they’ve only been able to ‘cross-check’ 136 dead, including 13 children, but acknowledged the toll ‘is likely to be much higher.’ Throssell added that another 400 people – including 26 children – have been wounded from the fighting.

She blames the use of explosives with wide impact areas and shellings from heavy artillery for much of the death, as well as multiple launch rocket systems and airstrikes. Yevgeny Malyshev, a 19-year-old Ukrainian biathlete, was reported dead from a battle in the city of Kharkov. He reportedly quit the national team two years ago to join the armed forces. Marina Kalabina, an anesthesiologist in the Kyiv region, died under the shelling of Russian troops that Throssell mentioned.

A Ukrainian policeman named Oleg Fedko lost five members of his own family amid the Russian movement from Crimea, according to Sky News. Fedko’s family – including a 6-year-old daughter named Sofia, a baby named Ivan, his wife Irina, father Oleg, and mother Anna – were all killed. The family was trying to escape in a pair of cars when the attacks came on them on the outskirts of Kherson, according to a Ukrainian news outlet.

A girl around the age of 10 named Polina was shot dead trying to flee with her family, according to iNews, with her younger brother and sister so badly injured they had to be taken to intensive care. She and her parents were fatally shot by a Russian reconnaissance group that opened fire on their car, according to Kyiv deputy mayor Volodymyr Bondarenko, who shared her photo as one of the first victims of the invasion. Among the children dead include a 6-year-old found in her unicorn pajamas with her mother covered in blood.

In Okhtyrka, 7-year-old Alisa Hlans was one of six kindergartners who were killed in an attack on her school last Friday. Roman Brodsky, an Israeli DJ, was killed by Ukrainian troops in a case of mistaken identity, however, his family still blames Putin, a man they call ‘Dictator.’ Brodsky, a father of two, was attempting to drive to Moldova to escape back to Israel when he was killed. His father said: ‘They thought he was Chechen or something’ and opened fire by mistake.


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