Swimmers Circled By White Shark Leaving Them Trapped In Australia (Pics, Video)

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Terrifying video above shows a great white shark prowling around an island where a group of swimmers were stranded . The five had swum out to the large rock off the coast of Western Australia but spotted a large great white shark lurking in the water below.

A shark was quickly sounded to warn swimmers on the shore and a few of those on the island were able to dash to Twilight Beach, at Esperance, ABC reports. Chilling aerial footage shows the gigantic shark swimming leisurely past the island, oblivious to the panic that had caused.Two others who decided to stay on the rock had to be rescued by the Esperance Goldfields Surf Life Saving Club.

Dane Holdman, from club’s the emergency response team, and another crew member pulled their inflatable rescue boat up to the rock. The two stranded men were step in to be taken back to shore.

“Personally, I probably wouldn’t have gone in the water, just being the fact there is a shark and there are surf lifesaving members on their way to assist,”he said.

In November last year, Brit dad Paul Millachip, 57, was in the sea off Western Australia when he was dragged underwater by a 14ft great white. A pair of goggles was the only thing after he was killed by a “mammoth” great white shark in front of his horrified family.

He had been out enjoying his regular morning swim when he was attacked. Since 2017, three people have been killed by sharks in the Esperance area.
Gary Johnson was killed by a shark off the coast of Esperance, near Cull Island in Western Australia in January 2020. He was savaged by the beast at 1.30pm as girlfriend Karen Milligan watched from a boat just metres away.

The Western Australia Coroner’s Court heard that Mr Johnson was using a shark shield when he was attacked. In 2017, Laeticia Brouwer, 17, died after being mauled by a beast near Wylie Bay. 

The teenager, also known as Teesh, was surfing with her dad when the shark struck and pulled her under the water. After hearing her screams, her dad paddled over and dragged her to the shore before frantically trying “everything he could to save her”.

Laeticia’s mum and two sisters also watched in horror from the beach at Kelp Beds, near Esperance, as the shark ripped her leg off.


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