“He Promised To Make Sure No One Would Ever Look At Me By The Time He’s Done With Me” Precious Chukwendu Writes As She Returns To Work Amid Custody Battle For Her Sons

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Precious Chikwendu has returned to work amid custody battle for her sons and she explained that everything she had before “he” met her was achieved by working.

The former beauty queen, who is battling her ex-husband in court to gain access to their four sons, took to Instagram to say that “he” is the “architect” of most of the negative things written about her online. Though she didn’t call her ex-husband’s name, she made it clear she was referring to an ex she shares kids with.

She said that he promised to make sure no one would ever look at her by the time he is done with her. She said that the claims that she is lazy and cannot work to take care of her 4 sons are false as she was working for everything she had before she met her children’s father.

She shared a video of herself working on site, with a safety helmet and vest, as she pointed out that mothers hawk and do all sorts of jobs to see their kids through life and she won’t be an exception. She also invited the members of the public to court to come and see “the whole drama” for themselves as she fights to be allowed to see her sons.

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