The iPad Pro 2022 Could Uphold MagSafe Through A Glass Apple Logo

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It looks likely that there will be an iPad Pro 2022 showing up sooner or in the not so distant future, and new subtleties have arisen around one of the new elements that could be added for the current year – specifically, MagSafe remote charging.

It’s an element we’ve seen on late iPhones, and as per 9to5Mac it very well may be added to the iPad Pro this time around. In any case, it will not be carried out in a remarkable same manner for all intents and purposes on the iPhone, and Apple is experiencing issues fostering an iPad Pro with a completely glass back to empower remote charging.

Instead, it seems that Apple is working on a prototype tablet with an Apple logo on the back made of glass. This would mean that the rest of the tablet chassis can be made of aluminum, but MagSafe will be able to work through the logo.

Other information revealed in the latest leak points to stronger magnets being fitted to the iPad Pro than there are in the iPhone 13, which means a more reliable connection and faster charging speeds for the upcoming tablet.

A larger battery, a camera module similar to that found in the iPhone 13, and a new chip – possibly the M2 – are all possibilities for the 2022 iPad Pro, according to 9to5Mac. As for a launch date, it’ll probably be around the middle of this year.

The 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro are Apple’s flagship tablets, and it makes sense that they would have the latest and great tech that Apple can offer. Right now that includes MagSafe, which has been on iPhones since back in 2020.

It’s wireless charging, but wireless charging with added magnets: that means MagSafe-branded chargers can snap into place and offer more convenient, faster charging for the battery. Other wireless chargers work with the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13, but only MagSafe chargers give you the full 15W charging rate.

With that in mind it’s no surprise that Apple is working hard to bring MagSafe to its tablets, even though charging up larger devices isn’t quite as straightforward as charging up phones. The new technology has been reasonably successful for Apple, and it does have a lot of MagSafe accessories to shift as well.Advertisement

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