Figure Out The Way iPhone’s Covered Up Trackpad Makes Altering Message More Straightforward

Releasing the maximum capacity of your iPhone or iPad requires a profound plunge into the many elements of iOS 15. A few elements are buried in your settings, making them harder to find. Different occasions they’re concealed on display – – like the mystery trackpad in your console.

Generally when you’re composing a long instant message or an email, you use your finger to move the cursor and return to any area of message you need to erase, revamp or alter. An amplifying bubble shows up under at the tip of your finger whenever you do this, broadening the text so that it’s more straightforward to explore.

However, if you find it difficult to move your cursor so precisely with your finger, iOS offers another option. In this guide we’ll show you how to access the trackpad that’s hidden in your keyboard, which makes it so much easier to move your cursor and make edits to your text on your iPhone or iPad.

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How to unlock your iPhone and iPad’s hidden trackpad

1. Anywhere you’ve written a block of text, bring up your keyboard and press and hold your finger down on the space key until the keyboard goes blank. You should feel a bit of haptic feedback and see the cursor enlarge for a second, which means you can now use the keyboard as a trackpad.

2. With your finger still pressed down, move it around the entire keyboard to move your cursor, just like you would on your Mac’s trackpad.

3. To place the cursor, simply lift your finger off the screen. You can then use any of the other keys, like delete, to make any edits in the text. If you want to move the cursor once again, press your finger down on the space key to bring up the hidden trackpad.

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