Bugatti Showcased Its First Electric Scooter

  • Bugatti showcased its first electric scooter2

Bugatti, the French car manufacturer that is renowned throughout the world over for manufacturing super sports cars of innovative technology unveiled its first electric scooter E Scooter capable to run at the top speed of up to 30 kilometers per hour. Bugatti has developed first of this kind E Scooter after collaboration with the American company Bytech International.New E Scooter from Bugatti that runs entirely on electricity is equipped with a 700-watt electric motor. E Scooter rider can accelerate up to 30 km/hour and charge the complete electric battery within four hours from any available public charging outlet including household. The body of the electric scooter is made up of magnesium alloy and weighs only 15.8 Kg.

Bugatti E Scooter commuter not only can use an onboard computer can also turn on LED headlights at the night or inside the tunnel, etc., also use parking lights while parking e scooter in public parking spaces. The decorative lighting additional lighting feature is also available for riders. Bugatti logo also inscribed on the e scooters rear wing with a small projector. To allow e scooter commuters while taking rides into other regions of the world where maintaining speed limit at 15 or 19 Km becomes mandatory under legal requirements, the urban driving mode can also be installed.

But Bugatti fans have to wait for the ride until the French company announces the availability date and price for selling in the international auto market.

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