The Xbox Fans Need To See Top Issues Fixed In 2022

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Xbox is going up and higher, with Xbox Series X|S consoles selling faster than any previous Xbox generation before it, even the Xbox 360. With Xbox cloud gaming, the biggest studio portfolio in the company’s history, and an industry-leading subscription service in Xbox Game Pass, Xbox is poised to have a really great console generation.

As good as Xbox has been doing lately, things could always be better, right? Recently, I asked on Twitter what Xbox fans’ biggest concerns were currently about the Xbox platform, and solicited over 1,000 replies with user feedback. Over the Christmas break, I sat down and analyzed each bit of feedback based on various categories. If a feedback item appeared only once, I added it to an “other” column. The vast majority of complaints did, in fact, appear multiple times, and the range of feedback was quite broad.

On Dec. 28, I asked Xbox fans in my Twitter following for feedback on the current state of Xbox. Each time I tracked an issue from an individual user, I added it to a tally on Excel and produced the above pie chart based on the results.

This should by no means be taken as scientific, given that it focuses entirely on my personal Twitter following and disregards the experiences of users who are perhaps playing more casually and don’t get involved in the online discourse. Still, it gives us some good indication at what the prevailing pain points are for heavy Xbox users, and may give us some idea of where Xbox may prioritize development for future features and expenditure.

As you can see above, no single issue wholly dominated for Xbox gamers. The biggest pain points for most pertain to the Xbox Game DVR, which records game captures, screenshots, and handles live streaming. Another big pain point was general issues with the Xbox OS, with many complaints about the abundance of “ads” on the dashboard. Another concern for Xbox gamers is the perception of decreased support from Japanese studios, who increasingly seem to bypass Xbox in favor of exclusivity deals with Sony PlayStation or Nintendo Switch.

Below I’ll offer some more details on the complaints, and also we’ll start to track where Microsoft is on some of these issues over the course of the next year.

Below I’ll offer some more details on the complaints, and also we’ll start to track where Microsoft is on some of these issues over the course of the next year.

Another complaint I combined in this category revolves around streaming. Since the death of Mixer, Microsoft had no way to stream directly from the Xbox to streaming platforms until recently, when it finally re-integrated Twitch. However, Twitch isn’t the only streaming service out there. The Xbox currently offers no native support for YouTube Gaming, for example.

The Xbox Game DVR also has no system for editing clips together, offering only a basic trimming service. In a social media world, it seems odd that the Xbox Game DVR is so bare-bones when it comes to some of this stuff. The old “Upload Studio” app was left abandoned and finally deleted entirely from Xbox a little while ago

Thankfully, Xbox engineering lead Jason Ronald said on a podcast a little while ago that the Xbox Game DVR is a high priority for the team in 2022, so hopefully, we’ll see these issues solved sooner, rather than later.

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