Videos Show That Tesla’s Cyberquad For Kids Is Starting To Arrive

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After Tesla’s Cyberquad for kids sold out, resellers on eBay are betting that people are willing to pay as much as $5,000 for the product, with some completed listings going for as high as $4,000.

Tesla launched the quad bike in December and listed it for $1,900 on its website. The product sold out within a week.

The ATV is marketed toward children ages eight and up and has a top speed of 10 miles per hour. As of Thursday morning, there were over 40 listings on eBay for the product with prices ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 and over 60 Cyberquads appear to have already sold, including dozens for over $3,000.

Earlier this week, multiple YouTuber’s began posting unboxing videos of the product. Three YouTubers said the Cyberquad took about two hours to put together straight out of its box.

The quad bike is made in the same angled style as Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck. When Tesla first revealed its Cybertruck in 2019, it also announced it would produce a full-sized two-seater ATV called the Cyberquad, which could be purchased alongside the truck.

One YouTuber decided to try out the cyberquad for kids, which has a 150 pound weight limit, himself.

The ATV has a lithium-ion battery that can run for about 15 miles and takes about five hours to reach a full charge, according to Tesla’s site.One gaming content creator shared a TikTok video of his son frolicking with the new Cyberquad.

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