Microsoft Confirms Discontinuing Xbox One Consoles

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Microsoft did indeed cease production of Xbox One consoles to focus on manufacturing more Series X and Series S models.

In a statement given to The Verge, Microsoft admitted that production of the Xbox One was quietly halted at the end of 2020—which is about when the Series X and Series S first launched. This decision was likely made to allow it enough leeway to keep up with the expected demand for the new consoles.

It’s a strategy that does seem to have worked out, as the Xbox Series S is currently available for purchase at several online retailers. Though the Series X is still proving to be quite challenging to find. The PlayStation 5 also remains elusive, and according to Bloomberg, the response to the shortage has been to produce more PlayStation 4s.

Retailers have been slowly selling through their remaining Xbox One consoles over the past year, with no additional stock coming in. While this does make finding a brand new Xbox One a challenge, various used and refurbished models are still readily available, but the cost is only slightly lower—or in some cases much higher—than the $299 Xbox Series S.

The Xbox One isn’t likely to go back into production at this point, so if you really want one you’ll likely have to grab a used or refurbished model.

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