Eero Could Be Close To Launching A Wi-Fi 6E Mesh Networking System

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Amazon-claimed Eero is by all accounts near declaring new switches in the not so distant future, as new FCC filings seemed for this present week for gadgets that seem, by all accounts, to be known as the Eero 6 Plus and the Eero Pro 6E. That 6E marking for the Pro could demonstrate it will uphold Wi-Fi 6E, which means it can exploit 6GHz range for quicker associations.

Router makers have slowly been introducing Wi-Fi 6E-capable mesh routers, though some have been quite expensive, such as this $1,500 Orbi system from Netgear and Linksys’ $1,200 option. While we don’t know how much Eero’s 6E-capable system could cost, it could be more affordable than those options, given that a 3-pack for the Eero 6 Pro launched at $599.

The new router names show up on labels Eero included in the filings. On the labels, the Eero 6 Plus has a model number of R010001, while the Eero Pro 6E’s model number is S010001 — both of which didn’t show up as currently available devices when I googled them.

The new names suggest these routers might be more iterative upgrades or get slotted in alongside the currently available Eero 6 and Eero Pro 6

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