Beijing 2022: Enes Kanter Freedom Urges Athletes To Boycott Winter Olympics

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Enes Kanter Freedom, an NBA player, has called on athletes to boycott the Winter Olympics in China.

The Boston Celtics player declared three weeks before the opening ceremony in Beijing that sportsmen should choose “morals above money.” Kanter Freedom criticized China’s human rights record in an interview with Dan Roan on the BBC’s The Sports Desk program.

“While we are talking right now there is a genocide happening,” he said. “It is important that athletes use their platform to be the voice for all the innocent people all over the world who don’t have a voice.

“There are so many athletes, actors, singers and rappers, or people who have platforms, scared to say a word because obviously there’s so much business involved, so much money involved, and sometimes obviously China is paying the bills so they are scared to say a word.”

BBC Sport

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