Nicole Chikwe Speaks For The First Time About Being Shamed By Nigerians For Her Looks After She Began Dating Naeto C

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Nicole Chikwe, wife of Nigerian rapper Naeto C,  has spoken out about being bodyshamed and trolled by Nigerians when she started dating Naeto C. She said she was only 22 when she began dating the rapper who was really popular at the time.

She explained that people took to Twitter at different times between 2010 to 2012 just to criticize her face and body, while saying that Naeyo C could do better.

She explained that it affected her, especially considering how young she was, but she turned the online dragging around. She said the dragging was just the “catalyst” she needed to begin loving herself.

Now, she refers to herself as “Premium Pie” and “Finest in Lagos”.

Read her post below.

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