Roku Adds Live TV Zone To Navigation Menu

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Roku is expanding its live TV platform with the new Live TV Zone for easy access to the service’s over 200 live channels.According to Roku, the Live TV Zone consolidates the Live TV Channel Guide into an easy-to-navigate on-screen guide. The new zone appears in the left-hand navigation menu and covers various genres, including sports, family content, and even cable alternatives like YouTube TV.

The Live TV Zone promotes Roku’s live streaming options and the latest events in local and national news, plus ongoing sports and movies. You will also find recently watched content under this new section.If you prefer to browse through the channels instead, the Live TV Zone also lets you scroll through the aforementioned 200 channels. It’s similar to how cable services work; a large array of channels that show what’s currently airing at any given time.

In a recent survey Roku conducted with the National Research Group, the company says 61 percent of its users without pay-TV still like to watch live news multiple times a week. In September 2021, the company added support for voice commands to its Live TV Channel Guide as a part of Roku OS 10.5

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