NVIDIA Shield TV Getting Android 11 By Means Of Software Experience Upgrade 9.0 Bringing New Highlights

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NVIDIA Shield, quite possibly the most remarkable and famous streaming gadget, is getting a hotly anticipated update, yet it isn’t Android 12.

The Shield Software Experience Upgrade 9.0 accompanies the most recent adaptation of Android TV 11 for all NVIDIA Shield TVs.

NVIDIA never rolled out Android TV 10 citing a lack of useful features. Instead, all NVIDIA Shield TVs, including the original one which launched way back in 2015, will be upgraded straight to Android 11 from Android 9. There’s no news about Android 12 for NVIDIA Shield yet. However, the latest version of Android TV is currently available to only a handful of devices.

The NVIDIA Shield Software Experience Upgrade 9.0 brings with it new versions of popular apps. These include Gboard, VUDU, IMDB TV, and even Apple TV. Shield TV users will surely appreciate the ability to confidently stream entertainment content at 4K HDR, and search the content using their voice. Google and NVIDIA are also offering users a way to customize privacy across apps using the “only this time” option to grant temporary, one-time permissions.

The update also opens up an easy and reliable way to pair with official Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation controllers, as well as an Apple TV remote. This greatly extends the flexibility while allowing multiple users to bring and use their own controllers. Needless to add, each of the peripherals will work with their respective streaming apps. This ability also extends to pressable logo buttons on controllers.

The NVIDIA Shield Software Experience Upgrade 9.0 essentially transforms NVIDIA Shield TVs into a highly powerful gaming console for remotely hosted game streaming services. The update adds 4K+HDR streaming and gameplay support for the GeForce Now RTX 3080 membership.

Some of the other notable improvements include support for aptX-compatible Bluetooth headsets and codecs that promise reduced latency. The SHIELD 9.0 update includes an updated version of Twitch which enables simultaneous gaming and streaming in high quality.

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