Ubi Franklin Subtly Reacts To Sandra Iheuwa’s Marriage Crisis

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Entertainment promoter Ubi Franklin has reacted to his fourth baby mama Sandra Iheuwa’s marriage crisis. In an Instagram post on Sunday, Sandra’s husband Steve Thompson announced that his marriage to the her cannot work. He accused her on focusing her attention on social media and not their home.

“I have to make a statement and this will be the first and the last. My marriage with Sandra cannot work again because of her too much use of social media, she doesn’t care about the home, she is bragging about how she has cooked 3 times. She blocked my sister Amara, she blocked my uncle in America, she keep fighting with everyone.

“Sandra is married for social media and not for the home. Leaves the whole place dirty, bedroom pillow on the floor most times,” he wrote in parts.

Reacting in an Instagram post on Monday, Ubi shared a popular shady meme of a man who appears to be minding his business, pretending to be reading a book but is also observing what goes on around him.

Captioning the photo, Ubi wrote: “You gerrit?”

It will be recalled that Sandra Iheuwa dragged Ubi on social media on December 15, 2021 over child support.

In a lengthy post on Instagram, the 35-year-old accused the father of her child of neglecting his financial responsibilities towards their daughter. She also warned him to stop posting the girl’s photo on Instagram.

“Do not post my daughter anywhere on your platform. You have never provided for her since she was born and up till this moment not a single kobo even when you had access to her you still didn’t bring a single kobo. You have no legal privileges or claim on my daughter. She doesn’t bare your name and your name isn’t found on her certificate,” she wrote.

The woman further threatened legal actions against Franklin over child support saying she would not allow him take the credit for raising their daughter. Sandra is Ubi Franklin’s fourth baby mama. Ubi Franklin has three other children from his past relationships.

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