Google Maps Tests New Way To Save Specific Locations

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Google Maps is testing a new way to find your favorite locations when you use it on your desktop. Initially spotted by Search Engine Roundtable, a new ‘Dock to bottom’ feature could be coming to the desktop version of Google Maps. The feature would let you place a particular location in the footer of Maps so you can go back to it later.

Right now, you can add a location to a list like ‘Favorites’ or ‘Travel Plans’ to view later, but this specific Dock to bottom feature would keep the location visible while you’re navigating Maps and other places. 9to5Google notes the feature could be helpful if you’re planning a trip and looking into multiple locations but want to go back to them later.

While Google is currently testing the feature, it’s reportedly only showing up for some users and, even then, randomly. It’s also unclear if Google is testing or plans on testing it with the mobile app. Lifewire reached out to Google to find out more information on the new Dock to bottom feature but had not received a response at publishing time.

Even if this feature test doesn’t become a mainstay on Google Maps, the company is constantly releasing new helpful updates and features for users. For example, the most recent Google Maps update came out last week, and it now suggests the most fuel-efficient driving routes and estimated carbon emissions for flights you’ve booked.

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