Gamer Uses 3D-Printed Adapter To Create One-Handed PlayStation DualSense Controller

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You can play games on your cell phone with one hand, so why not PlayStation 5 titles? Indeed, there are many justifications for why you shouldn’t, yet gamer Akaki Kuumeri chose to continue onward with a one-gave DualSense regulator mod at any rate.

This 3D-printed connector essentially snaps on over the left simple stick, and elements a rubber treated piece under that right-given players can put on their thigh. Peruse more to perceive how it functions and plays.

How do ou play games with it? By just moving the controller, the adapter maneuvers the left stick, while the L1 and L2 buttons have been relocated next to R1 and R2 for added convenience.

A custom 3D-printed piece now sits atop the DualSense to allow for easy access to all four face buttons. If you have a 3D printer, you can download the plans here.

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