Samsung Introduces A Bunch Of New Folding Devices, See Details Below

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If you thought Samsung would stop creating folding gadgets after the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, well, think again.Samsung used this week’s CES event to unveil a slew of folding devices, including three folding phones and one folding notebook.

First up, a pair of folding smartphones. These prototype designs are codenamed the “S” fold, and the “G” fold for reasons that will become obvious.

The “S” fold phone uses three panels to fold out into an S-shape. Samsung says this will be useful for increasing the maximum size of smartphones in the future.The “G” fold also uses three foldable panels, but they fold inward to slightly resemble the letter G.

The company says this design benefits phones made for outdoor activities, such as hiking, as the inward-facing G-shaped fold allows you to store the device just about anywhere without scratching the display.

Next up, the Flex Slidable. At first glance, this smartphone prototype looks like a normal device, but with the push of a button, the display rolls out to the side to give the user more screen real estate.

Finally, we have Samsung’s take on a foldable notebook, the Flex Note.

With one continuous folding display, this resembles a large folding tablet, but the company says the increased screen real estate will allow you to easily turn the bottom third into a keyboard when necessary. They also suggested the bottom could be used as a video editing scroll bar, a pen input pad, and more.

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