Samsung Announces Freestyle Smart Projector With Smart TV OS

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Smart projectors, which combine a standard wall projector with a built-in media system, have become increasingly popular in recent years (OS based on Android). Anker’s Nebula brand has a few of them, and Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Projector is another example. With the ‘Samsung Freestyle,’ one of the company’s major announcements at CES 2022, Samsung is now entering that market.”A projector, smart speaker, and ambient lighting device all rolled into one lightweight, portable device,” Samsung claims of the Freestyle. It has a unique rotating case that allows it to rotate 180 degrees and weighs 830 grammes.

Samsung claims it can be charged with a standard USB-PD cable as long as the adapter or battery supports 50W/20V charging (or higher). Unlike most of Anker’s Nebula smart projectors, the Freestyle does not appear to have an internal battery, indicating that it is designed to be used indoors near a power source.

Its rotating design enables it to switch between projects on walls and ceilings without the need for other objects to prop it up. It supports auto keystone, like most smart projectors, which means it can detect the angle of the projection surface and adjust the picture as needed to avoid distortion. Samsung claims it can project images up to 100 inches in size, but there’s no mention of brightness, which is typically where projectors this small fall short — brighter images necessitate larger (and heavier) lamps. With built-in streaming apps and casting/mirror functionality for Android and iOS devices, the software experience should be similar to that of Samsung’s smart TVs. It also includes far-field microphones, allowing Freestyle’s voice assistant to hear people on the other side of the room. Samsung did not specify which voice assistants would be available on the device, but given that the software should be compatible with the company’s televisions, Bixby and Google Assistant are likely to be included. A smart speaker mode and a mood lighting effect are also available. The Freestyle will be available for pre-order from January 4 in the US, most likely through Samsung’s online store.

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