Red Dead Online Fans ‘Raging’ About Absence Of Content In Update – Calling It A ‘Dead Game’

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Rockstar have been blamed by Gamers for loosen with regards to Red Dead Online in the wake of delivering a ‘baffling’ January update without much in the method of new substance or missions – while GTA Online got huge loads of new stuff

Furious gamers have shot the new Red Dead Online update for its ‘baffling’ absence of new substance.

Fans have said that “the game deserves better” after a January update added nothing except an XP bonus for existing missions and events, some of which are two years old.

Meanwhile, Rockstar’s other massive online game, GTA Online, received a massive storyline update called ‘Nightflife Leak’ featuring rapper Dr Dre and tons of new missions and items—despite coming out more than nine years ago.

A new viral hashtag #SaveRedDeadOnline has launched on Twitter, and is full of dismayed fans of the cowboy franchise who want Rockstar to give the game more TLC.

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