Video: Activist Amara Reveals That Her Former Lesbian Partner Uyai Ikpe-Etim Was Once Married To A Man As She Releases Their Chats In Defence, Calls Out Gay Activist Mathew Blaise For Being ‘Manipulative’

Activist Amara The Lesbian has revealed that her former lesbian partner, Uyai Ikpe-Etim was once married to a man as she released their chats in her defence, while also calling out gay activist Mathew Blaise for being “manipulative”. 

Amara who was countering Uyai’s claim of subjecting her to abuses, disclosed that she decided to go public with her truth so “it can set her free”. The activist confirmed that she and her main partner, Olayinka were in a relationship with Uyai, but disclosed that the younger sister of actress Nse Ikpe-Etim asked them both out.

Accusing Uyai of weaponizing her mental health in her former marriage with a man and with lesbian activist, Pamela who was also formerly married to a man, she alleged that Uyai never worked in any of her lesbian relationships.

Accusing Uyai of pinning abuses she and her main partner, Olayinka subjects each other to in the first two years of their relationship on her, she also wondered why the younger actress’ would say she pronounced her a lesbian even though she was 29 while she (Amara) was 23 at the time they met.

Asides accusing Uyai of torturing and abusing her ex-husband, she also described her as “manipulative”.

Also calling out gay rights activist Mathew Blaise, she disclosed that she began withdrawing from him because he was allegedly manipulative too. She disclosed that Mathew left his bills for them even though he knew they were struggling. Amara further disclosed that her main partner, Olayinka also witnessed same.

The activist also called out another Nigerian lesbian couple, Bibi and Kelly who she accused of being “users”.

Watch the video below…


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