Present Digital Apps And Cryptocurrencies Have Raised Lifeline For Syrians Mired In Poverty

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Citizens in Syria are turning to online apps to make money and help make earns in living. While these apps are giving increased agency to some and enabling a small profit to be made, others worry they are eroding the aspirations of young people.

“Desperate to improve their living standards and those of their families, young people are increasingly looking to the internet to provide work opportunities like any other”

Syrians in Idlib and northwest Syria are converting to mobile phone apps as a way to make money after being unable to secure employment and in the face of poverty, displacement and rapidly rising living costs.

I never complained about the work despite the hardship but what hurt me was that my wages were nowhere near what they should have been for the long hours and with the rising costs of everything – especially after the collapse of the Turkish lira. The price of everything is going up, except wages.”

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