iSmart Wonder 2022: Lenovo Reveals New Line Of Thinkpad Laptops

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Computing giant Lenovo has just pulled the curtains and unveiled an epic refresh for its ultra-famous line of business-inclined Thinkpad laptops.

The new Thinkpad Z series, announced today at CES, brings some new and innovative features to the 30-year-old Thinkpad line of laptop computers. First and foremost, They will be among the very first laptops powered by the blazingly fast AMD Ryzen PRO 6000 U- and H-series processors. 

The Thinkpad Z13 ships with an AMD Ryzen Pro 6000 U-series process with an optimized Ryzen 7 Pro chip for increased audio and video performance. The Thinkpad Z16 includes a more powerful Ryzen Pro H-series processor. Both processors come with an embedded Microsoft Pluton security chip, to protect against identity and data theft. 

The 13.3-inch ThinkPad Z13 and 16-inch Z16 boast an extremely high screen-to-body ratio, the highest of any ThinkPad, allowing for ultrathin display bezels and a sleek trimmed chassis. The screens also allow for a 16:10 aspect ratio, to keep scrolling to a minimum while in use. 

As for resolutions, the Z13 ships with a 2.8K OLED display while the beefier Z16 comes with a 4K OLED screen. Both offer a touchscreen option. 


Interestingly, Lenovo emphasizes sustainability when it comes to the physical designs of these laptops. The Z-series computers are manufactured using recycled aluminum with recycled vegan leather on the lid. They will also ship in fully recyclable packaging made from bamboo and sugarcane. Even the power adapters are made from 90 percent post-consumer materials. 

These Z-series laptops won’t be available until May, with the Z13 starting at $1,549 and the Z16 starting at $2,099.

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