4 Reasons Why Love Is Blameless, Everlasting And Important

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Must i love? Ever heard a person ask this exact question? You must have thought the person who asks this question to be crazy, so you may return their question with a retort like “of course you must love”. Then you begin to list the reasons why they must love.

But in fact, people ask questions for several reasons and one prominent reason for asking the above stated question would come from a place of hurt. It is no news that as humans we hurt each other one way or the other. This hurt in a way defines the decisions people make. And it is not our place to judge them or question them for their actions.

So must we love despite situations or circumstances or experiences? Yeah, absolutely we must love, because;

1. Love Is Never Overrated:
The way we human beings are built, we need love to function properly. Have you seen a society that thrives on the basis of hate? Absolutely not. A child raised in a home without love will obviously constitute a nuisance to his environment. This is why love is absolutely needed by each and everyone of us.
With love, right decisions and actions are made because you put others in consideration and you would not want to hurt them.This fact makes the world go round. Societies are built, people are healthy and most importantly, life span is increased when love is present in a place.

2. Love Is Beautiful:
If you have not been shown love before, I empathize with you but it is necessary I assure you here that genuine love is beautiful. When there is love, a little meal will be satisfactory because it is shared with people we love.
Love is beautiful because it overlooks the shortcomings of others and just gives room for improvement. It is kind, patient and does not envy. This is how beautiful love is, when shown and shared with others. This is why we should all love.

3. Nature Abhors Vacuum:
The thing is, if you do not love, then something else is going to fill up that space left by love. Why? because nature does not like a place being vacant or empty. It is like having a piece of land, if there is no building on it, weeds are going to take up the space or wild animals.
So also is it with the human heart, if there is no love, definitely hate or other negative feeling is going to take up that space. A typical illustration of this is the fact that some people get angry when they see people falling in love. It is funny that sometimes they do not even know they people they are hating on, and this is just because they have not let themselves love or allow others to love them back.

4. Love Is Wholesome:
Love heals, love is healthy. Have you seen a woman or man in love? The woman glows, the man is filled with wholesome pride, because he has someone who gives him all the love and attention he needs. This is how love is.
Love gives confidence, rids a person of fear, makes one beautiful and extends lifespan. Look around even in your neighbourhood, that family who seem to love themselves and cannot do without each other, seem to be very healthy even though when you check well, they do not have much. That is what love can do.

Perhaps life’s situations and experiences has made you to forget all the reasons you should love and maybe doubt the existence of love, but I’m assuring you that love can be beautiful and love is indeed beautiful if it is actual love. Love drives the world. From loving just one person, the person shows another and then another, the whole world then experiences that love effect.

Love has the ability to stop wars and allow peace to thrive. So, as a human beings it is absolutely necessary that we love, regardless of what we might face and if we have been hurt, we should find reasons to love again.

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