4 Reasons Why Finding Love Again After A Painful Heartbreak Should Be Considered

Going through a journey as tough as heartbreak can be very devastating and mending is another struggle to face entirely, a lot of people must have experienced a heartbreak at one point in your life and you can tell that healing is not always that easy. There are some persons who actually become suicidal after a breakup mostly because of the pain and heartache that accompanies the whole thing. Some build walls to keep themselves protected, others decide not to ever love again.

But should our mistake of choosing the wrong person stop us from loving again? Or the fact that someone did not treat us right make us despise others and put them in the same category as the one who hurt us? Absolutely not, because love is a beautiful thing, it is something everyone should experience. A heartbreak should not stop us from loving another due to several reasons listed below;-

1. The world needs to experience our love
Love indeed makes the world go round, Of course that is true. Someone in that our little corner or community needs to feel and know our love. Just imagine if everyone in the world had to close up their heart and deprive the whole universe of love. Imagine what ripple effect a love starve Universe will cause.

Now, even though it may not seem like it is showing or there is something advantageous to our love. But if we show love to our family, friends, the love will be shared in the community and then ultimately the world will feel it too. Now, this is one reason why we need to move past our pain and love again.

2. Because we Are Worthy Of Being Loved
It is a fact that some persons loose their self-confidence and esteem because of past abusive partners, especially if another person was chosen over them, their spirit is crushed. Have you ever had that kind of experience where you are uncertain of where you stand in someone’s life. And when they did not choose you, you became sad?

It is alright, because someone did not choose us does not mean that we are undeserving of love. First, as a human being we are worthy of all the love in the universe. If we keep being positive, surely that wholesome, healthy love is going to come to us. This is why we should keep our hearts open amidst what we have experienced in the past.

3. Loving again will help us move on: After a heartbreak, some of us find it very difficult to open up to others anymore. Why? Because we do not want to be vulnerable anymore and find that, it is used against us. But the sad truth to this is that, in not loving again we become stuck. We cannot move on psychologically and sometimes even in other aspects of our lives.

Now look at it this way, since that person broke your heart, why have you not fallen in love again? Is it because you are not ready, or you are afraid? Or you just do not want to let your ex go and move on?
For our mental health and for our happiness, we just have to let go and heal then decide to love again. We will discover that our past will become just a distant memory.

4.Because love is beautiful:
Though this is the last point but it is obviously not the least. Love is beautiful and kind and should be experienced by everyone. Perhaps the person who said they loved us abused us, and now to feel love is a bad thing. So sorry about that. But that person did not love us and the person obviously does not know the definition of love.4

Love does not hurt another, love heals, love is patient and love is everything beautiful summed into one. Everyone definitely must and should experience love.

A heartbreak is just like having a business set back or a broken vehicle on the road in a long journey. But do we stop our journey when our vehicle gets broken? No, we figure out a way to fix the vehicle and then keep going. So it is with love. Learn to forgive yourself, heal and move on because dear one, you definitely need to love again. We need love in our lives as a humans.

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