3 Inherent Reason Why Suffering Is Not Mark Of Future Success

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Do not try to look at this topic as a funny one because it’s a really disturbing topic to many minds. Like, is there no alternative to this success? They ask this when the going gets tough, and honestly, it is very okay, to ask these types of question.
Let us be reminded that the road to success is not a smooth sail. Factually, everyone who wants to succeed in life is going to face one challenge or the other, that is a certainty. However, some persons get it wrong. They feel that because they are suffering it is a pointer they are going to succeed in life. Well, this is not true except you have added productive work to what you are doing.

There is another set of persons who say that you must suffer to be able to succeed. Well, we cannot generalise this because there are some people in life who have everything on a platter of gold. They live life stress free. However, these two situations are not what we are venturing in. We want to see if we must suffer as a proof of trying to secure our future.

Let’s be clear on the fact that there is no gain without pain. Often we have to sacrifice the gratification of today in order to have better things tomorrow. But some people misconstrue this statement and do the extreme. Some examples are listed below;-

1. Starving For The Sake Of Success:
You should not stop yourself from eating healthy because you want to save and invest for the future. Some people deliberately save and at the detriment of their health, this isn’t right. I’m sure you have seen these set of persons. Maybe you have had them as roommates or colleagues. You watch them grow skinny by the day and yet they have some money stashed up somewhere, which according to them they want to use in the future.

But is this not harming oneself? If you deprive your body of good things now, how are you going to be sustained? It is good to plan, save in order to have a secured future but doing it at the expense of one’s health must be discouraged.

2. Putting Off For Tomorrow What You Are Supposed To Do Today:
There are some things that you must do today, that if you do not do it, you cannot go very far in life. Listen, take out that money and go to that conference, get that skill, buy that machine your business needs, buy those tools, take yourself out to that lovely restaurant. These things help the mind, it gives one the connection and “eureka” moment it need.

So you stopping yourself from going to lovely places or doing great things for yourself, as a proof of something is not going to help you secure that future you want per say. In fact, sometimes it delays that future or hamper it totally since your mind is limited and may not be able to dream because of its confined limits.

3. Isolating Oneself:
Some persons believe that keeping to themselves or staying away from people or socialization will help them have a grandeur future. They use great poets, artists as examples. It is great to have some solitude so as to have a clear picture of some things in your life but darling, staying away from people totally is not good for one’s mental Health.
You do not want to come out of your self isolation and discover the world has moved on. Your friends and family are doing their own thing and you are all alone. Lay out your goals and do the right thing, when necessary.

Wrapping this up, be reminded that there is a right way to do things and a wrong way. It is good to have a plan for the future, to seek for a safe haven for your tomorrow but let it not come at the expense of today.

Plan carefully and do the productive work when and where necessary. You are going to face some bumps in the way, it comes with success of course. But remember, suffering does not connote a great future and a smooth sailing does not always mean you are on the wrong path. Do not intentionally put yourself through pains over things you are capable of fixing just so you can feel you are suffering for the future.

photo credit: Vince Gowmon

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