All BlackBerry OS Smartphone Will Stop Working Properly From 4th January

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BlackBerry has already lost its big market share in the storm of the new touch screen smartphones. Even the devoted fans of BlackBerry have now started using iPhones and Android smartphones.

Although there are still some people out there who are using the BlackBerry phone and the company has now announced that it will no longer support the legacy services over its cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity starting from next week. The company announced this move in September last year but they have extended its services for its loyal customer and partners as a gesture of thanks.

Although users should keep in mind that all the BlackBerry smartphones which are based on the android operating system will not get affected by the new update.

The company said in an update notes on its website that from January 4th all the devices which are running on the BlackBerry 7.10 OS or earlier and BlackBerry 10 software, BlackBerry playbook OS 2.1, or the earlier versions will not be able to perform perfectly on the devices. This simply means that all the BlackBerry phones which are running a BlackBerry OS on cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity will not be able to allow users to make phone calls or send text messages and even users will not be able to contact emergency functionality. Basically, BlackBerry is not giving a guarantee about any of the above-mentioned functionality. No one is surprised with this move from BlackBerry as the company has lost its ground in the smartphone market in early 2010. Although after early 2010 company worked extremely hard to regain its popularity by launching the new BlackBerry 10 OS to attract some Android or iOS users. After that in 2015 BlackBerry also launched its BlackBerry priv smartphone with android to attract flagship smartphone buyers from Apple and Samsung but BlackBerry failed at every attempt.

In 2016 BlackBerry also introduced licensing partners like TCL communications for its global markets and Optiemus Infracom in India just so the company can retain its branding with some third-party devices. Under the licensing partners, BlackBerry also introduced smartphones like BlackBerry key one and key 2. But neither of them got mass popularity. In February 2020 TCL announced that they will not produce any new BlackBerry phones. All the other brand licensees have also not released any new smartphone under the name of BlackBerry since the launch of the BlackBerry key 2 LE.

The new Texas-based startup teased about the launch of a new BlackBerry 5G smartphone to be launched in 2021 but until now we have not heard anything about that smartphone either. Although the farewell of the legacy services from BlackBerry smartphone doesn’t necessarily mean that the brand BlackBerry is completely dead. As the company is currently developing security software and services for different enterprises and governments around the globe.

In its 3rd quarter revenue, last week BlackBerry beat Wall Street estimates and reported a net profit of almost ₹5551 crores. This is a significant growth as the company reported a loss of rough ₹9970 crores in the earlier year.

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