China Bans Its National Football Players From Getting Tattoos

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Under a new guideline, footballers who play for China’s national team are prohibited from obtaining tattoos and are recommended to erase those that they already have.

At the national level and in youth squads, the country’s sports administration agency declared it was “strictly prohibited” to recruit new players with tattoos.

The measure, according to the administration, will help establish a “positive example for society.”

Some national players, such as defender Zhang Linpeng, have been told to hide their tattoos in the past.

Since mid-2018, China has been tightening regulations to prevent tattoos from being displayed on screens. Since then, some professional footballers have covered their arms with long sleeves to conceal their tattoos.

The country’s General Administration of Sport (GAS) issued a statement saying that national players having tattoos were “recommended to have them removed.”

Source: BBC Sport

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