(VIDEO) Elon Musk Shows Off Tesla’s Upgraded Bot Scheduled To Launch Next Year

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Tesla’s CEO, Elon musk was the keynote speaker at a recent presentation, held in USA.

The firm announced arrival of Dojo, a neural network training machine/robot.

According to info gathered by flipmemes, Dojo can be described as a powerful computer that “learns” how to do activities on its own, without the need to be explicitly programmed.

The robot uses simple algorithms and data accumulated from driving.

To power Dojo, Tesla is building its own computer processors, the most recent of which is called D1.

The chip, which was also shown at AI Day, has a 7-nanometer manufacturing process with 362 teraflops of computing capability.

Tesla intends to install 25 of these chips on a single tile, and 120 of these tiles will be combined across numerous server cabinets to provide the computational capacity required by Dojo.

Musk, while speaking during the Presentation said;

“There’s no denying that robotics is having a significant impact on the industry, but there’s no need to pretend that machines need to seem human to do so.

Watch A Video Of The Presentation Below;

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