Millions of WhatsApp users Might Lose Access To Their Accounts Soon, Here’s How To Prevent it

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A new report currently circulating online suggests that millions of WhatsApp users Might loose access to the platform over security concerns.

To mitigate this, the best and easiest way to secure your WhatsApp account is to make sure that you have the two-step verification enabled.

After this, create a PIN for your account. This extra step is very simple to set up and can be done by simply clicking a button in your account privacy settings.

Remember to keep both your verification code and PIN to yourself, don’t share it with anyone.

Another simple but effective measure you can take is keeping your guard up and being wary of any suspicious or unsolicited messages.

What to do if your Whatsapp account gets hacked?

If an unwarranted person gains access to your WhatsApp account, you are advised to alert your relatives quickly before taking further actions.

Besides that, here’s what you can do to retrieve your stolen account:Sign in to the app with your phone number and verify it over SMS.

You might be asked for a two-step verification code, but if the hacker has set this up, you’ll need to wait seven days to be able to sign in.

Either way, the hacker will be booted off your account.If you’re logged in, but think someone is still using your account via WhatsApp Web/Desktop, it’s best to log out of the platform from all computers.

To log out from your computer or Portal:Open WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop.Click Menu above your chats list then click Log out.

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