This New Crypto Airdrop Promises To Distribute Free Ethereum Gas Fees Among Thousands Of Users; Find Out if You’re Eligible

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A new crypto Airdrop, ‘The Gas DAO which was spotted by flipmemes has promised to reward Ethereum users with free gas fees.

The Gas DAO, which poses to be an obscure, mostly mission-less crypto project, emerged Earlier today with another airdrop to reward crypto investors.

You can claim GAS tokens if you spent more than $1,559 (a reference to EIP-1559) on Ethereum gas fees before December 26, 2021.

Any amounts unclaimed before May 1, 2022, will be added to the DAO’s treasury.

Another 15% of the supply (150 billion tokens) is reserved for the 25-person developer teamOf that stash, 80% (120 billion tokens) will vest linearly over six months.

The remaining 20% (30 billion tokens) is unlocked immediately, as seen in the Token’s whitepaper.

As we all know, there are thousands of unique addresses out there that have made a transaction on the Ethereum network.

Gas DAO was created to support the most active 643,000 users within that 143 million.

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