4 Reasons Why Setting Goals Should Be Considered In Every Relationship

Hello there! Do you have goals you want to achieve? Perhaps you have set deadlines on them because you have heard that, it is a good thing to do so. That is very good, I mean what are goals without being time specific?

How about your love life, do you have a time attached to getting hooked up? Do you have a target or specifications about your kind of person? Has someone told you that your desires are far fetched and they can never be reached? What do you think then, can something go wrong when you are trying to fix a target for a relationship?
Well, let’s look at what happens then when you have a target.

1. You Are Focused:
There is something that comes with being obligated to meet a deadline. You are not easily distracted. Yes, it is most likely that distractions will come, but with a deadline in mine, one is able to keep his head above them, and work towards achieving the end goal.

2. It Gets You Working:
If you have a desire to get hooked up at a particular time or period, there is a certainty you are not going to just fold your hands and wait for that time. For something to become a reality, we have a role to play to ensure that they are no mere wishes. The deadline will inspire action.

I am sure before you decided that you are going to be in a relationship, let’s say at twenty-five, that you must have resolved this at that point you must have finished one project or another or attained a certain level.
This target, helps you achieve your other goals that will make your relationship life work, it keeps you up and going.

3. It Reduces Distractions:
There are lots of your friends that will get hooked up in the process of your waiting for your time. Without a target in mind, there is a tendency that you will get caught up in the moment and want to get settled yourself. The pressure might not be an innate thing only, but could come from external forces like family. But a target helps remove all the unnecessary pressure.

4. It makes for preparedness/ personal development:
Believe it or not, a person with a time frame in getting in a relationship has a high sense of preparedness for a relationship, than one who is not. I mean, it would not make any sense in having a time to get involved with someone without getting prepared? Without working on yourself to be a better individual and partner? If there is nothing like that, then what was the need in the first place to place a deadline?

So a target, gives people ample time to work on themselves, by shredding off the excesses, being more kind and more human in order to be able to accommodate another person.
Now, all these points are just suggestions on why people have a target. Although it is truth that some persons, even with the target, they still end up not doing anything profitable for themselves in the process of waiting.

Although it is a good thing to have a target for getting into a relationship, it is not okay if one becomes obsessed with that target. Now, this is where it could go wrong. Someone said that although “targets” are okay, there should be room for uncertainties. This is because, life is not easily predictable. Things can happen that will make the date for what you want to be delayed or suspended.
We should never be obsessed with dates and deadlines. We should have faith enough, but also have courage, such that when things do not go your way, we are able to get up, draft out a new plan and keep going. Relationship targets can bring some good but we should avoid becoming absorbed with the ideas of a specific date.

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