NFL: Washington Football Team’s Jonathan Allen Punches Daron Payne

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During the Washington Football Team’s 56-14 loss against the Dallas Cowboys, Jonathan Allen threw a punch at teammate Daron Payne on the sidelines.

Tensions between the former Alabama teammates began to build in the second quarter, when Washington was down 28-7.

Payne poked Allen on the side of the head during a heated debate, before Allen batted Payne’s hand away and aimed a punch at his face.

Other Washington defensive players interfered to stop the incident, which Payne later described as occurring at the “wrong time and at the wrong place.”

“You got brothers? You guys fight, right?” Payne asked reporters. “It’s all good.”

Washington coach Ron Rivera said there would be no punishment for either player, adding: “I’ve talked with them and as far as I’m concerned, that’s where it’s going to stay. What my players say to me is really nobody’s business.”

Washington have lost their last three games in a row, taking their total defeats this season to nine – the fifth campaign in a row they have lost more games than they have won.

Source: BBC Sport

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