Boeing Initiates Plan To Build It’s Next Airplane In The Meta Verse

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Flipmemes has gathered that Aerospace manufacturer, boeing is currently in talks to incorporate features of the metaverse in a move that could revolutionize its design and production process.

According to Boeing, the company is set to invest $15 billion into its ambitious digital turnover, the metaverse over the next decade. However, metaverse features could be integrated into its operations within two years should all go to plan.

Also, in other news, battledroidsnft Is about to host unique gaming events for its holders.

The collection of 7500 Droids on the Ethereum Blockchain would be released by Jan 2022.

Monthly gaming competitions with ETH prizes for its holders as part of their roadmap.

First bMain Event in Jan -Poker Tournament 300K in ETH prizes.

Second Main Event Feb -Fortnite Tournament 300K in ETH prizes. Third Main event March -TBD by the community (DAO).

Battle Droids is offering an awesome 3D art with over 300 traits,high standard details & quality in every piece they have made to conquer the Metaverse. A fully gaming ecosystem around Droids to be developed for the battle game. Also 3D printed version of Droids to merge the physical and Digital world together.

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