Blockchain Project, Utopia To Launch With In-built Crypto Wallet, and Email Application

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Project Utopia, a distributed peer-to-peer ecosystem, seeks to unite several blockchain-based products under its umbrella.

What makes utopia special is it’s approach to ecosystem building: as it rolls out protocols which would help in data transfer, some of these protocols includes it’s in built messenger and mail application.

It’s key features include;

Utopia’s messenger;

Utopia’s messaging application is a powerful and resource-efficient instrument for the instant exchange of messages with text, photos, videos, files and so on.

Just like mainstream centralized messengers, Utopia’s messaging model supports stickers and emojis.

Users can interact with each other in private chats or in group channels.

Unlike Telegram or WhatsApp, Utopia’s groups and channels work with an unlimited number of accounts.

Utopia’s email application;

Utopia’s email application is a decentralized alternative to the familiar electronic mail protocol. It has an unusual “killing feature”: it does not collect information about its users since it is not oriented toward displaying relevant advertising.

Utopia’s mailing ecosystem cannot be attacked by hackers: it does not store users’ messages on a centralized server or cloud.

Utopia crypto wallet

Utopia’s decentralized cryptocurrency wallet solution is set to offset the gap between crypto holders and merchants, i.e., to build a reliable and low-cost system for daily remittances and other real-world cases.

Utopia’s application boasts built-in wallet functionality: every client of Utopia can authorize or receive money in seconds.

With Utopia, third parties cannot access payment information about transactions made with the protocol, its amount, details and the addresses of the sender and recipient.

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