3 Reasons CHRISTMAS Seem To Be The Most Interesting Season Of The Year

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It is the Christmas season again. Is it just me having all these butterflies of love or my imagination? Some say, its the best season of the year, Everyone seems to be excited about it. Probably because it is filled with so much eating, joy and laughter. I mean, who does not like an event where food is involved? Yeah you got it, everyone does.

But have you noticed that with the Christmas season, comes an increased feeling of love. You are hearing that there is love here and there. This person is getting proposed to, the other just got hooked up to the love of her life.
And you may probably ask yourself, what is really going on? Am I missing something? Hold up a second, you are not. There is a reason this happens, and here are a few;-

1. It Is Festivity Season:
Christmas is significant because it is about love, grounded on the fact that people show love to each other by giving. The fact that everyone comes out to show love by giving and accepting each other regardless of their differences builds a sense of camaraderie. There is a community bond that seems to be strengthened between folks while they are celebrating this season.

The laughter, the joy, the candle lit experience creates a warm feeling in everyone’s stomach. The festivity makes them more open to receiving love, already there is a celebration in the air. What stops them from having a personal one? Do you get?
So there is a high probability in getting hooked up now, because the atmosphere is set for love to thrive fully.

2. For New Beginnings:
After the Christmas season comes the new year. Often people do not want to be alone during this period, because there is so much joy when love is shared, so they get hooked up. Apart from that, with Christmas comes resolutions and adjusting one or few things on their list.

So a young man who has always thought that there is no need to fall in love or have someone in his life will just sit down on Christmas day, eating his chicken, but the feeling this time becomes different.
Why? Because his friends are with their lovers, and suddenly he realised that he is all alone. Do you get that feeling? When you need your friend to be with you but you realise that they cannot because they have got a love life.

So he sits down to make resolutions. To have a new beginning. So the Christmas season brings to light the fact that there are resolutions we have to make and things we have got to adjust before the next phase of life, that is the next year. Unlike other months of the year, the pressure is more intense during this season.

3. Love Is In The Air:
This could be the most reason why there are so many butterflies in the stomach. The Christmas season is like the Valentine’s day, if not more. Why? Look around. I am sure you are feeling it yourself. That warmness, that is in your stomach and then spreads to the other part of your body. Without being told, this festive season gives a feeling of wholeness, of completeness.

You feel loved without being told you are, you feel like sharing and giving love without being compelled to. The walls you had carefully built in the past to shield you from Love’s spell just comes crumbling down with no pressure.The love just comes and sweeps you off your feet.

The Christmas season is here again, what are your thoughts about it? Do you have reservations because perharps you have had your fair share of heart breaks? Let it go and then relish in the feeling of the season. You will find that it cannot always be bad, and that love is a very beautiful thing.

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