How To Claim OpenDAO’s SOS Token Airdrop for OpenSea Users

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The number of SOS tokens one could claim depends on how much you’ve used OpenSea, the most popular marketplace for non-fungible tokens.

The more you’ve traded on the platform, the more SOS tokens you can claim.

To claim SOS, head to OpenDAO’s site, connect your cryptocurrency wallet and hit “initiate claim.”

OpenDAO supports MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, and WalletConnect.

The site will then estimate your reward by working out how much DAI, ETH, or USDC you’ve spent on OpenSea.

That figure will be compounded by a multiplier, and the subtotal will be multiplied once again by the number of transactions you’ve processed on OpenSea.

OpenDAO calculates how many SOS tokens to give you based on your transactions prior to December 23.

Any OpenSea transactions processed after that date won’t count. The numbers are not always accurate.

“It said it I spent over 8 eth when that’s how much I’ve sold for, not how much I’ve spent,” one investor, Disclosed.

While claiming the airdrop, You’ll have to pay a gas fee on Ethereum which , will depend on how congested the Ethereum network is.

you’ll have until June 30, 2022 to claim the tokens

Unclaimed tokens will be sent to the DAO’s treasury after that date.

NOTE: Always DYOR before investing in any Cryptocurrency project.

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