Panic As Cryptocurrency Mining App, Pi Reportedly Disappears From Google Play Store

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Investors has raised alarm as Popular Cryptocurrency mining app Pi Network mysteriously disappeared from Google Play Store for Android devices.

With the project’s future being at stake, Pi has become a controversial cryptocurrency as the developers allow anyone to own it by tapping on their smartphone once every day without any investment or much details about the development phase.

Some experts have said the project lack sincerity and needs to be followed with caution.

A user had taken to twitter to Lay down his complaint.

“I cannot download the app. I am worried all my mining efforts up until now would be thrown away,” said Le Tu in the southern province of Dong Nai.

The Pi Network app, the main tool for users to “mine” the cryptocurrency by checking in every day, “is currently going through a regular review cycle and is unavailable to download through Google Play Store,” the developers of the coin said on their website.

“We expect to be back up on the Play Store soon,” they noted, adding users could manually download the app via a link.

The app is still functional on App Store for Apple devices.

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