Over Two Years On From Its Intro, VAR Is Still An Enigma In The Premier League…

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VAR has been in use in the Premier League for over two seasons and is still a mystery. The video technology, which was cutting-edge at the time, has had its share of setbacks and divided supporters along the way.

‘Everyone has been incredibly excited to get started with VAR after two years of training,’ Chris Foy, a former Premier League referee, said following the first weekend with it in use.

‘How did it go?’ After the Manchester City game, Raheem Sterling remarked, “If we’re making the correct decisions, it can only be a good thing.”

‘Things will improve, they’ll get faster, and it’ll become more prevalent.’ People will get used to it, and it’s been a great start.

‘I wish I had it when I was a referee. I can look back at a few mistakes I made. As a referee, why would you not want to have it?

It has certainly been embraced, for better or for worse. But these days, with every tackle, shot and loss of temper scrutinised, the picture is very different. Long gone is the satisfaction of the fans, although the officials remain in support.

Source: Daily Mail

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