Arjan De Zeeuw Swapped The Backline For The Police Frontline

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Most footballers are pleased to turn their hand to management, appear on the sidelines with a microphone in hand, or simply take up a cushy life on the golf course after a stint in the Premier League spotlight.

However, there are a select handful who, after hanging up their boots, choose a completely other road.

Footballers earn millions of dollars from profitable occupations, and pursuing a second career is rarely considered. Careers in the upper echelon allow them to retire into comfortable lifestyles, with some dabbling with punditry or management thrown in for good measure.

Others, on the other hand, want a change of scenery after quitting the industry that catapulted them to fame. Sportsmail examines some of the most unusual professional routes pursued by athletes.

The former centre back had a 17-year career in England and the Netherlands, appearing over 200 times for clubs like as Wigan, Coventry, and Portsmouth, but has since retired.

But others fancy a change of scenery after leaving the industry that thrust them into the limelight. Sportsmail looks at some of the bizarre career paths players have taken.

The former centre back enjoyed a 17-year career playing in England and his native Netherlands, making over 200 appearances for the likes of Wigan, Coventry and Portsmouth but since retiring in 2009 he now works as a detective in his hometown Alkmaar.

Source: Daily Mail

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