NFT Trends That Would Help Shape The World In 2022

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As non Fungible tokens gradually overtakes IP creation, one key advantage of NFT’s is that you can own a piece of a wider brand, and make money off it.

NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and StereoheadZ enable users to mint their own art for the group, bringing a new sense of creativity to a community of artists, animators and musicians.

In the case of personalised NFT, the Avatars were created from the community as payments for the tokens returned to those artists.

It helped that an as yet secret rock star was part of the StereoheadZ Music Club.

By Next year NFT will probably grow from their use to promote art and will be about utility – whether that’s gaming or access to rare communities (tied to avatar casting and marketing for Web 3.0).

We already see this in video games with players completing different tasks in Order to unlock items that now have actual value.

Everest coin is another ‘play-to-earn’ adopter, which is now gaining mass adoption worldwide.

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