4 Best Mindset You Should Have When Trying To Woo A Lady

As a guy, are you supposed to have expectations when you want to relate with a lady who you like for the first time? Of course you are supposed to. The expectations obviously must be positive but in order to have positive thoughts, it begins with a mindset.

There is a particular mindset you have that draws things to you, and there is a one that keeps things away. This in no way suggests that in life everything you need, you are going to get, however it implies that even though you are going to get everything you want in life, that your mindset can still keep you afloat, and still make you have an affinity to the good things of life.
So, what is the best mindset to have when you want to walk up to that fine lady your heart longs for;

1. Positive One:
You do not want to hope for the worst and expect to have a good outlook. Because, there is a force in the universe, that makes it such that, whatever you think upon, you tend to draw to yourself. So if you believe the lady you are walking up to will ignore you or snub you, then you are obviously going to get that. Instead, have this in mind, believe you are going to have a wonderful response. She is going to turn to you with a wide smile and give you all the attention you want from her.

2. Be Open Minded:
A lot of persons mistake being open minded with being negative. They confuse those terms. But the thing is, to be open minded means to be happy notwithstanding what you get. A positive mindset, propels you to act, it gives the energy and the courage you need to approach your lady in red. But being open-minded gives you the joy and happiness you need to keep pursuing other prospective ladies after you have encountered a rejection.

Some persons miss out a lot in life because they are not open minded. They are hinged on getting one particular thing and if it does not work their way, they shrink into their shells, the fear of being rejected stops them from asking any other girl out at all. However, obsession with one thing is not good at all. If one thing does not work for you, if that one person you like does not want to look your way, then please by all means, move on. There are others waiting for you.

3. Do Not Focus Too Much On Self:
Here is a mistake some men make. They are too self-focused that even when she is within their grasp, they let it slip away. How can you have a mindset that, the lady you are approaching should be grateful because you are rich, handsome and probably have some social status like that in the society? And then when you eventually walk up to that lady, all you do is talk about yourself. Just imagine how you would feel if you meet someone, and all they do is talk about themselves?

Of course, you willl feel bored and most importantly you would not want to associate with such a person. So for a moment, take away your self from the picture. Remember, it is all about wanting to know this lady for the first time, you can talk about yourself later. So take away the spotlight from yourself, and make room for her. You will find that people enjoy talking about themselves and like it when others genuinely listen. You will very well get your lady when you are less selfish.

4. Believe You Deserve Everything Good: You have probably heard some persons say that there are just some ladies you cannot talk to or even approach because they are way out of your league. Wait a minute, do you actually believe that? Please do not. There is really nothing like that, especially when love exists. You do not want to invalidate yourself and want validation.
No matter your status or how you look, believe you can get the good things of life. You can get the woman of your dreams and this can only happen if you work on yourself to achieve that. You would not want a Queen Elizabeth when you are uncouth and unruly. Work on yourself, your outlook, your speech, your mindset and there is nothing you will not be able to achieve.

In life, attitude is everything. Whatever we want, whether it is love or money or social status. The right mind-set and attitude will propel and make us gravitate towards our targets. However, the right actions are also needed to achieve that. With these, there is absolutely nothing a person cannot achieve.

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