What Does Body Count Actually Signify?

What does body count actually mean? Well body count refers to the number of persons someone has had sexual relationship with. Does having body count signify anything? Not in the sense of the word, but to people who actually indulge in it. What is involved with having a long history of sexual partners?. Like I said, for some persons having body count holds some significance to them. What are they;

1. To Show Sexual Prowess:
This is often seen in a clique of friends especially males. They have some sort of bet to prove that they are “manly”. For some, the number of females that they have slept with feed their ego and gives them a sense of power or pride. And it is also to showcase that they can perform well on the bed.

2. To Prove A Point:
In our society, often if you are not in a relationship or have never been in one, they see you as the weird one. That there is something wrong with you (which is not usually the case). Too often, some men are taunted to prove a point, to show that they are “men” and they go well along to do so. To get a female who they know too well they will likely not settle with just to show that they are “okay”.

3. As A Proof Of Fertility:
most men who have a long history of females in their keep often end up having children with them. Even though they do not eventually settle with these ladies, they have something to show that they can make a female conceive. So when they eventually get married or see a female they want to commit to, a situation where the female cannot conceive will perhaps serve as a pointer that the fault is from the lady, being that in their past lives they have had several children.

This also applies to the ladies on the reverse.
Now the above reasons just buttresses the fact that there are different reasons why people act the way they do or get involved in some things. Individuals hold dear to things that might be looked upon as unimportant or that holds little significance in the society.

How does society look at body count, what does it signify?

4. Waywardness:
This is often seen in the African society. It is said that a person who has had that kind of history is wayward and indiscipline especially when the person is “female”. For some reasons, men are often excused from this prejudice with the fact that it is “normal” and they just cannot hold themselves.
But a higher level of discipline is expected from ladies when it comes to promiscuity and any deviation from what is obtainable becomes “waywardness”.

5. To Determine If You Will Be Faithful In A Committed Relationship Or Not:
Often this proofs fatal, because people change. They say if a person has history, then he cannot be trusted but if he does or have less you can definitely trust them. However, this is a hasty conclusion because people do actually change. And the determining factor of trusting a person or how faithful a person will be is based on the present and not on their past.

Too often people excuse what they are seeing in a person right now with reasons being that they were not always like that and they go ahead to involve themselves with relationships that cause them heartache.

It is advisable to judge a person’s actions and words now, based on what they are capable of before jumping right into a “forever” with them.
However people view body counts or whatever significance it holds to some sect, it is ill advised to have too many sexual escapades. It never sits well with who you want to be with. It causes trust issues, blackmail and eventually separation.
Do not do something today that will make your character questionable. If you did, there is always an opportunity to change and make amends. Remember, having so many body counts is not an achievement and in the real sense it holds no significance, just a history of regrets.

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