TIPS: How To Upload Multiple Images On Instagram Story

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Instagram, an online photo-sharing app is currently on almost every smartphone as it is being used by majority of users on a daily basis.

The photo sharing App was recently acquired by Facebook, as Sharing images on the platform is all about how you showcase your lifestyle in front of your friends and family.

In the initial days, Instagram only allows users to post images on their feed, but later on, it had incorporated the Story feature which will allow users to share images for 24 hours.

Though analysis performed by flipmemes highlighted that the story option has become one of the most vital feature for a lot of Instagram users.

How to post multiple images on Instagram Story

Instagram story posts allow users to create a series thanks to multiple posts.

To create a series you need to add multiple photos from your smartphone gallery.

Do note that Instagram only allows you to select up to 10 photos at a time to post. Here is the step-by-step guide which will help you in posting multiple images on Instagram stories.

First, you need to head to the Instagram App on your phone and log in to your account.Once you’re in, you can see a + icon on the top left corner of the screen.

Tap on the icon and you will find a drop-down menu.

You’ll now have to select Story from the drop-down menu.

Now you will notice a multiple photo icon at the top left corner of the display.

Select the icon and you can see the multiple photo selection option is available on your screen.

You’ll have to Start selecting the photo which you want to post in the sequence.

Make sure that you are selecting them as you want them to appear on your story feed.

Once you’re done, hit the Next button, It will take you to a preview window where you can check the arrangement of the images.

If everything looks good and you’re done with adding filters, tags, and more then hit the Next button.

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