“Not Postponing Games Over Covid-19 Is A Safety Risk”, Chelsea Boss Thomas Tuchel

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Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel claims that player safety is in jeopardy after his team was forced to play against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League on Sunday despite a Covid-19 outbreak.

Tuchel’s team requested that the match be postponed after many positive instances were reported at the club. Chelsea drew 0-0 with Wolves with only four outfield players on the bench.

Tuchel told BBC Sport, “It is not safe.” “We talk about protecting players and creating a safe atmosphere,” he continued, “but it is not safe.” I wouldn’t be surprised if the next test comes back with additional positive results.

“How should it stop if we sit in the bus and have dinners and just stay together like nothing happened?”

Covid forced the postponement of six of the Premier League’s ten weekend fixtures. The game between Aston Villa and Burnley on Saturday was called off just two and a half hours before the original kick-off time of 15:00 GMT.

On Monday at 13:00 GMT, the 20 top-flight clubs will gather to discuss the mounting issue surrounding the coronavirus epidemic. Managers and captains will have their own meetings as well.

Source: BBC Sport

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