Google Maps To Work On A New “Dock To Bottom” Button

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Google Maps, one of the most reliable mapping services available, has released a new Update that would help compare data between different locations and businesses.

The new feature will allow users to switch between listings more quickly.

The Dock to bottom button would move to whatever location or business you’ve selected to a new dock at the bottom of the screen.

You can scroll through all docked items and click on one to open it, much like the Dock on macOS or the Taskbar on Windows.

Each dock item has a close button, and when all of the dock items are closed, the dock is hidden.

It’s unclear whether the button will eventually make its way to smartphones and tablets, or if it will remain exclusive to the Google Maps website.

Despite this, the feature is still in the early stages of testing —as the button isn’t live on any of my Google accounts,( only a few other people have reported seeing it).

Switching between different locations and businesses is one of Google Maps’ more cumbersome use cases, so any improvement is welcome.

The ability to have multiple information cards open at once (or pop them out into their own browser windows) would be useful, but the bottom dock provides another way to do so without taking up additional screen real estate.

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