Binance Announces Plan To Update It’s Fiat Liquidity Provider Program; Read Details Here

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Popular Cryptocurrency trading platform, Binance has announced that it’ll upgrade it’s fiat liquidity provider program by next week.

By so doing, Binance seeks to improve the “trading experience for all users with higher liquidity in mind’, a post on the company’s official website read.

The liquidity program has been limited to the specified fiat markets on, with a set of selected fiat pairs where liquidity providers will be scored based on the maker volume.

“The corresponding score of each selected fiat pair differs as liquidity of each fiat market and fiat pair vary.

“Maker fee rebate eligibility of liquidity providers is subject to their trading performance on the selected fiat pairs across spot and margin trades on a weekly basis. The post read further.

The company also announced that Effective from 2021-12-27 00:00 (UTC), all liquidity providers on it’s platform would be reviewed weekly based on the new performance review mechanism.

In conclusion, the company advised users that Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk.Users were urged to make their trades cautiously, as Binance won’t be held responsible for your trading losses.

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