4 Reasons Why There Could Be So Much Love In A Relationship Yet Marriage Cannot Go On

Someone said “shit happens” and that is rightly so. I mean, we have all been witnesses to the upsurge of divorces, break up and the “breakfast served” saga that is going on in our society.

Two people who look like they cannot be apart seem to not be able to do forever with each other. It is confusing to say the least. That someone says they love you and yet cannot spend the rest of their lives with you. And it makes us to have second guesses and thoughts like, does this person actually love me? If the answer is in the affirmative, you proceed to ask then why can’t we just get married? What is the hesitation?

But hold up a second, does loving someone connotes getting married to the person? I know you would agree it should be that but, actually let us take a look at what marriage is. Apart from the fact that marriage produces children and the companionship. There are several reasons why people shy away from marriage amidst the fact that they claim they love each other.

1. They Don’t Want Commitment:
Part of being married is the fact that you have to be committed to one person. That is, one person is your trustee, your best friend and your lover. Having to go somewhere else might not look too good. Some persons see that as being tied down. For them, being married could mean taking away that freedom of having many friends.

2. Some Persons Want To Eat Their Cake And Have It:
Actually the main reason people do not want to get married is because they want to still be able to sleep around. I mean, what else is there? take a look at our society and what is going on.
People see cheating in a dating relationship as nothing, but when it comes to marriage there seems to be high expectations placed on married persons. You are put on a pedestal and everyone is looking, watching making sure you do not flop, and for some persons their philandering life would not want to stick to one person.

And most importantly, it is quite easier to break away when you are dating a person on the basis of unfaithfulness but when you are married, the process of divorce comes with a lot of baggages most people do not want to go through.

3. Responsibilities:
Let’s face it, when you are married, you have responsibilities you cannot shy away from.
Or can you honestly say that once married, you are absolutely free of having to do things you do not want to do? In marriage, your responsibilities are obligatory. As a man, you are obligated to provide for your wife and if you have children, it is a must to provide for them.

Same goes with women, there are certain responsibilities in the home that cannot be outsourced, especially caring for the children. It is not easy to take care of oneself, and having to care for another is a responsibility some persons do not want to shoulder.

4. Compatibility:
This has caused a lot of relationships to come to a halt and not to progress. The Compatibility factor when it comes to genotypes. No matter how much you love a person, if you are sicklecelled and your partner is too, you will not be able to get married to each other in order not to raise sickly children.
This list could go on and on as we know that there is nothing black and white about life. But ultimately, if two people love themselves, it is natural to want to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

Anything apart from that might look like distrust from the angle of the person who wants commitment. All in all, marriage does not mean love and at the same time not all love must result in marriage. But most importantly, it is a good thing for people in love to have a forever after in marriage.

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