This Huawei Watch D Will Measure Your Blood Pressure Accurately, Here’s How

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As we all know, Smart wearables are now becoming more and more common in our digitalised Society today, thus the need for adopting more and more health-related features, is very vital.

Although several companies has introduced ECG to their watches, Samsung decided to go one step further and introduce a blood pressure-measuring to the Watch3 through a small sensor.

The blood pressure monitor requires an initial setup using a dedicated blood pressure measurement device, though.

Huawei is going one step further with its upcoming Watch D to provide accurate BP readings on its own.

According to a video posted online, the wearable will have an inflatable accessory that goes on the inside of the strap.

It will support two different sizes of straps that connect to the watch through pins and to the band with rubber buttons.

Watch Video Below;

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